Samsung Galaxy S3,Grand 2 Duos and Note 3 To Get Android Kitkat 4.4 Soon

Posted on Mar 14 2014 - 4:28pm by Kumar Abhay

Many of the Android phones are getting Android Kitkat 4.4 update but still most of the Samsung Android Phones are waiting for the official kitkat update on their device.Android Kitkat updates are a bug deal for the Android phone users and they want to get their hands on the kitkat update and when the last time Samsung didn’t include Samsung Galaxy S3 the S3 users where real angry but this time it seems that finally Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to get Kitkat update.

Some deatils has been found in a leaked pic online in which it is shown which devices are going to get the Android Kitkat update and when.According to the image it seems that Samsung Galaxy S3.Grand 2 Duos and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be getting Kitkat update in next month internationally.It’s still not sure that the leaked image was a real or fake one as it was obtained by a India Subsidy through an “Unnamed Insider“.

Kitkat Update

It looks like Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are on track to receive Kitkat update and other devices will be getting Android Kitkat 4.4 soon.If you can’t wait for the Kitkat update you can root Samsung Galaxy S4 or root Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to install Android Kitkat Update unofficially.

You can update Galaxy Y to Kitkat but it is using Custom ROM so if you want it officially you need to wait until it comes.If you don’t want to wait you can root your device and then update to Android Kitkat.Leaked document had some mistakes like Galaxy Note 2 Model No is written as SM-N7100 instead of GT-N7100 and this seems one of the reasons we got this document eventually.

You will be getting many upgraded features after the Android 4.4 Kitkat update.Many of the bugs will be fixed and many of the new tweaks will be added and you can go to the next level regarding customizations or if you go with rooting you can install CyanogenMod Themes if not you can customize you device using Go Launcher Ex Themes.

We will be coming with more new on Kitkat updates in the future and hope that Android Kitkat Update on Samsung Galaxy S3,Note 2 and Gand 2 Duos comes soon as we all are waiting for it eagerly.

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