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Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 1:58pm by Kumar Abhay

Lg G2 is one of the latest and best Android Smartphone from LG and have already made quite a reputation in the market against Samsung Android Phones and growing as a competition day by day.The one thing Android Phones are known for is their themes and performance as you will never get bored with a single theme on your device as there are thousands of themes designed and if you want you can apply every day and then there are some special themes for what you need to root your device to install and sometimes it really gets hard from that many themes so today we are here with some of the best LG G2 Themes.

As I said earlier you can install many themes on your Android phone and there are some themes which need root access on your device and that is why you need to know how to root Lg G2 so that you can install those custom themes.After rooting your device you can update LG G2 to Android 4.4 Kitkat and install  custom apps and custom themes like CyanogenMod Themes on your device.After rooting you can literally play with your device and alter with system setting which makes everything possible for you as it removed manufacturer restriction from your device and you are free to add or remove anything from your device.

Rooting gives you ability to play with your device and try different LG G2 Custom ROM available in the market or Internet.You can try different types of themes everyday and add or remove them at your will.There are many themes available that you can download on your LG G2 without rooting it like Go Launcher Ex Themes but these are third-party themes too.One of the best features of Android is that it supports third-party themes and all we need to do is to find a perfect theme for our device and today we are going to help your find some of the best LG G2 Themes.

These are some of the best LG G2 themes and many themes for your LG G2 are still in development and we will soon be able to get our hands on them.You can flash them on your rooted device or you can manually install them.Most of these LG G2 Themes are developed or modified by renowned XDA Developers and are totally working.So you can give them a try any time you wish and anywhere you wish.

Download Best LG G2 Themes

1) LG G2 Jelly Bean Theme

LG G2 Themes

2) LG G2 Sense4 Theme

Lg G2 Themes

3) LG G2 Touchwiz Theme

LG G2 Themes

4) BunnyFairy

LG G2 Themes


5) LG CozyWall

Best LG G2 Themes

So these were some of the best LG G2 you can download the apk files and then install on your device.You can download it and we will be coming with more themes in the future.If you have some great LG G2 theme in your mind feel free to share in comments and if you are looking for Nokia X interface you can try Nokia X Custom ROM.

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