How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4

Posted on Nov 20 2013 - 9:11am by Rohit Dubey

Samsung keeps amazing everyone with their Samsung Android Phones and the most popular of them is Galaxy series and one of the best of them is Samsung Galaxy S4 and today we are going to see how to root Samsung Galaxy S4.Galaxy S4 just got released and many were searching for the rooting methods on the web and were having a hard time finding the rooting guide for Galaxy S4.So here is a quick tutorial on rooting Samsung Galaxy S4.

 How To root Samsung Galaxy S4

Rooting is done in order to get install Superuser app on your android device to get admin to the system level.If you are having any problems on your Samsung Galaxy S4 or you want to remove some of the bloatware from your device then rooting Galaxy S4 is the right choice.As you all know rooting has advantages as well as disadvantages so if you are in hurry then rest a while because rooting needs patience and if anything goes wrong then your phone warranty will be gone or may be it will be bricked.

Rooting has many advantages too like you can install custom root apps,add tweaks,install custom roms or themes like CyanogenMod Themes and many more so if you are also looking for a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy S4 then you are at the right place.At How To Root Android we write about rooting tutorials for different android devices and you can easily find rooting articles of any device here.

Safety Measures To Follow Before Rooting Galaxy S4

  1. Charge your battery to a minimum of 80% so that it doesn’t run out of battery while rooting.
  2. Backup all of your data including contacts,mails,SMS etc.
  3. Close all the running apps on your device.
  4. Read the warning given below before starting the process.

Files To Download Before Rooting Samsun Galaxy S4

  1. Samsung Android Usb Drivers
  2. Motochopper

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4

  1. Download the above listed files save them on desktop and install Samsung android driver on your pc.
  2. Now go to settings>More>About Device.
  3. Now tap on build number 5-10 times to enable the developer mode.
  4. Now go back and click on developer option and turn Usb Debugging on.
  5. Now plug your device into your Pc with the Usb cable.
  6. Now extract the file and click on run.bat if you are on Windows.
  7. If you are on mac then open Terminal and then type the following into the terminal.

     cd desktop
    cd motochopper

  8. Now select ok on the popup asking “Allow Usb Debugging?”.
  9. So now it’s done and now check for the Superuser App on your device.If you find it then you have successfully rooted your S4.
  10. Enjoy!!

So now you have successfully rooted your Galaxy S4 and now you know how to root Samsung Galaxy S4 easily.Install one of the best antivirus for android because rooting makes device vulnerable to virus.If you are having any problems feel free to ask in comments and if you succeded then don’t forget to like and share the post with your friends.

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