How To Root Htc Desire HD

Posted on Feb 15 2014 - 5:13am by Rohit Dubey

Htc Desire got released on 20th February and from there many rooting articles on Htc Desire HD came but most of them are not working and this why we are here today with tutorial on How To Root Htc Desire HD.Rooting can really increase your device performance and gives you administrator access to the system level with which you can alter the setting and install custom apps.

How To Root Htc Desire HD

You must not be knowing abut there are many things that you can do with a rooted Android device.You can install root apps,custom operating systems,custom-made themes for rooted devices like CyanogenMod Themes and many more.Rooting opens door to a whole new world for your Android phone and you can do new and cool stuff on your Android phone after rooting it and this is why today we are going to see how to root Htc Desire HD.

Rooting voids warranty so think twice before rooting your Htc Desire HD and if done you can also end bricking your device.You need to be patient while rooting your device so go through this rooting tutorial twice before actually doing it.You can read some of our Htc Rooting tutorials to get an idea on how to root Htc Desire HD easily.

Safety Measures To Follow Before Rooting Htc Desire HD

  1. Charge your device to a minimum of 70% so that it doesn’t run out of battery.
  2. Backup all your media files,contacts,apps etc.
  3. Close all the running apps on your device.
  4. Enable Usb-Debugging in your device.
  5. Unlock boot loader from here.
  6. Install latest version of Java on your Pc.

Required Files To Root Htc Desire HD

How To Root Htc Desire HD

  1. Download the above required files and extract it on your desktop.
  2. Now install the Htc rooting drivers and enable usb debugging on your device.
  3. Now disable fastboot by going to settings>Power.
  4. Now open the Htc quick root and install it.
  5. Now connect your device to pc and it will be detected in the Htc Quick Root Tool.
  6. Now click on Root device option and rooting will start.

So this was a simple tutorial on How To Root Htc Desire HD and if you follow this you will be able to root Htc Desire HD.If you have any questions or any suggestions feel free to ask in comments and don’t forget to share this tutorial.

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