How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2

Posted on Feb 28 2014 - 11:47am by Rohit Dubey

Samsung Galaxy S2 is a high-end phone and you must be customizing your android device and installing tweaks and sometimes something goes wrong and you feel like reverting back to the old settings and this is when you try to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S2 and factory resetting can really help getting you back to Factory System Settings.

Factory reset is required sometimes when your device stops responding completely and sometimes it’s long since your formatted your device and it’s getting slow and this the time when you need to Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2.Many times people doesn’t know how to root Samsung Galaxy S2 and end up doing crazy stuff which can even brick their phone and have no idea of how to revert back and this is when resetting your device comes to use.

There are mainly two types of resetting methods for Samsung Android Phones and those are Soft Reset or say Factory Reset or Hard Reset.Factory resets revert back your device to the factory setting while wiping all your data and firmware but leaves all your internal data as it is but Hard Reset means reset at a full-scale and it wipes all your data including your internal SD card.

You need to figure what type of reset you want to do and according to it you can move further.Most of the times factory reset do the work but still if you want to do hard Reset then you can read our tutorial on how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S2.We just wrote a tutorial on how to factory reset Samsung Galaxy S3 so if you want you can check that out too if you are having problems understanding this.

You need to back up all your data or you can also let Google backup all the data for you.Remove your internal SD Card before starting process keeping worst in your mind.We also write on Samsung rooting Tutorials so you root your device and install new tweaks like CyanogenMod Themes.

How To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2

 1) Factory Reset Using Dial Pad

One of the most easiest way to factory reset your device is to using the Dial Pad method.You don’t need to use hardware keys you just need to push some buttons on your Samsung Android Device and its done.To Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 ¬†just type *2767*#3855# and factory reset will start on your device.

2) Factory Reset From Settings

Step 1: Tap Menu on your home.

Step 2: Open settings from apps menu.

Step 3: Scroll to personal and open Back Up & Reset.

Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

Step 4: Now click on Reset Device and then delete all.

Step 5: You have Factory Reset your Samsung Galaxy S2.

So now you can Factory Reset Samsung Galaxy S2 using this tutorial.You will not be facing any issue while resetting and don’t forget to take a backup and remove your SD card before doing it.If you have any questions feel free to ask in comments and also let us know how did it went for you.

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